Smallwonder Amp  the universal assembly amplifiers with Bluetooth

Designing furniture, interiors and lifestyle products calls for ambitious planning with high standards. The integration of modern media technology into products has become more and more important.

Likewise, the ultra-compact amplifiers Smallwonder Amp is your solution to furnish your audio products with media equipment. In the twinkling of an eye, the Smallwonder Amps converts your smartphone or your MP3 player into an advanced stereo system. The amplifiers supports regular and invisibly installed mechanical vibration speakers. Long gone are the days of annoyingly visible cables, oversized speakers and dust-coated stereos.   


Due to the increasingly short product cycles of smartphones, customers have to deal with more and more different plug variants since manufacturers have a tendency to use customized or individual standards. Mostly, docking stations can be operated with only one product and are thus outdated in no time.

For your product to become a success, it has to work flawlessly for a long period of time. The audio amplifiers Smallwonder Amp features wireless Bluetooth of the latest generation and works exactly like your hands-free car kit.  It only takes a few seconds to hook up the amplifiers with your smartphone or your MP3 player. On request, it is also possible to develop special apps for your product which might, for example, control lighting or other devices (Smallwonder Amp 2X60). This way, your smartphone turns into a command center.